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Movin' On Up Exhibit

Breaking Barriers: Augmented Technology Wallpaper

Exhibit dates: Jan 19-23
RSVP to attend the Opening Party: Saturday Jan 19 from 6-9pm

Sat Jan 19 Media Preview 4-6pm;
Reception 6-9
Sun Jan 20 12-6pm
Mon Jan 21 12-7pm
Tues Jan 22 12-7pm
Wed Jan 23 12-7pm
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the exhibit

In this exhibit, Allison & Rochelle of Alley Row Designs/Cry If I Want To will showcase designs that break through dimensions.  The wallpaper will feature Augmented Reality (AR) containing video and photography from Nathaniel Anderson of Sprung Gallery.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. -

Use of an AR tool is an ideal way to showcase barrier breaking, as objects that reside in the real-world transcend the limits of our general perception of visual art making the art much more dynamic. The video and photography from Nathaniel Anderson gains new life when shown through Miralupa’s AR technology. The video and images will be inspired by barrier-breaking quotes by influencers such as Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and others.

These experiences will surround the viewer as the wallpaper will extend over the floor and ceiling to evoke themes of breaking barriers, moving up and surpassing possibilities.

Our Opening Party, sponsored by Hop City, will also feature AR among their drink complement.

If you'd like to download the AR app in advance:

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About Alley Row Designs

Alley Row Designs is a graphic design and interior decorating firm that loves working with wallpaper.  It is run by sisters and business partners who love seeing others break barriers in their own unique ways.


They are known for doing what sometimes feels impossible - curating interiors and creating designs when clients aren't even sure of what they want.


Nathaniel Anderson

Whether raising the standards of portraiture for magazines such as TCHAD, capturing breathtaking global images for travel publications like En Route Magazine, raising the profile of 100Strong and other charities or exhibiting his modern dance series; Nathaniel Anderson’s work consistently transcends convention. Anderson is especially recognized for his mastery of light and grasp of visual dualisms and constantly seeks to deconstruct and expand notions of beauty. 

His photography & videography will be featured as part of the AR of the Movin' On Up Exhibit.



AR (augmented reality) is a technology that lets you see and interact with digital creations in the real world, and in real time 3D space, when viewed through a device like a smart phone, tablet, or smart glasses.

Alley Row Designs is proud to partner with Miralupa to add AR to our wallpaper. Miralupa has deep knowledge related to the creation of commercial, printing, gaming and entertainment apps for mobile devices, augmented reality and entertainment experiences. With its technology,, Miralupa is able to leverage our knowledge and experience into a vast array of creative projects. For more information please visit

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Hop City

We are excited to partner with Brampton based Hop City, who will be sponsoring the Opening Party.

Hop City began brewing in 2009 behind a parking lot in an industrial warehouse. Today, Hop City has a family of award-winning beers, a community of passionate fans, and Kevin and John still running the show. Some say it's the journey and not the destination. The City is, thankfully, both at once.

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